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18. – 20. August 2023


Airshow is a tourist & sport show organized by „AEROKLUB VARAŽDIN“

The program includes accommodation with food and drinks, transfer from the airport to the hotel and vice versa and entrance tickets to the shows in program. Arrival and departure costs are on the participants. Fuel and lubricant for planes are avalable and additionally charged at Varaždin airport.


10.00 Arrival by planes, reception of guests, a welcome cocktail for Participants.

Aesthetic landing will be evaluated, the 3 best participants will be awarded.

The welcome goes on with tambura band “MAK” from TRNOVEC and Trnovec association Trnovečko srce with „Makovnjača“ tasting.

Possibility of riding to the city with old timers organized by the Old timers club Varaždin

OPG presentation of Varaždin county

17:30 checking in the hotel Turist

18:30 Dinner at the hotel Turist

20:00 Visiting Vinski grad (vine village) at Špancir fest


09:00 Breakfast in the Hotel

10:00 Coffee at Grofica Marica bistro

11:00 Varaždin cathedral (Mo Višeslav Jaklin at the organ)

12:00 Lunch at Mađerkin breg, Štampar winery: delicacy of meat salaries & wine tasting

In the afternoon Aeromeeting with flight program



09:00 Visiting Špancir

In the afternoon Aeromeeting with flight program


07:00 Breakfast & Check out all Participants

08:00 Bus transfer to the airport & departure



A list of confirmed participants of Aeropicnic Varaždin 2023 so far:

  • Padobranski desant (HR)
  • Extra EA-330SC –  Zoltan Vereš AMX (SLO)
  • Soko G-2 Galeb (SLO)
  • Pilatus PC 9M (SLO)
  • Agusta Bell AB-212 (HR)
  • Delfin L-29


Regular ticket price 8 EUR,
SPOTTING ticket 20 EUR (including a vest as a gift)
Children up to 12 years free of charge!

The VIP ticket costs 60 EUR (tent with chairs, a buffet of your choice, a master with cocktails, drinks of your choice, a special view!)


Here the Prices according to the arrangements which are payable on the Airport bank account so to make a reservation:

A) From Friday, 18.08. to Monday 21.08.2023 it is 300 EUR
b) From Saturday 19.08. to Sunday 20.08. (lunch included) 220 EUR



Don’t forget to bring your lengers and anchorages to tie your planes!

Send us the number of people/participants for the accommodation.

Registration fee 300 euros per person covers accommodation, museum tickets, lunch, 2 dinners, the pilot ball program at Park hotel.

Aeroklub Varaždin, the Organizer does not bear any risk or responsibility for any damage or injuries occurred. The pilots and the planes are supposed to be insured.

All the pilots are REQUIRED to bring lengers and ropes to tie their planes to the parking spot.

The Aeroklub secretary, Robert Mišak, contact +385 91 281 7639.


Podravska ul. 60, 42000 Varaždin

Varaždin Airporrt (ICAO: LDVA) is 2 km east from the City at an altitude of 547 feet.

Registered for domestic and international traffic with a runway 16/34 with a length of 1611 meters and a width of 30 meters.


Aeroklub Varaždin has been active for more than 90 years and is ranked alongside the first related civil aviation associations that were formed in Europe and the world.

Aviation in Varaždin has a long and extremely rich tradition. For example, the first successful manned hot air balloon flight in Varaždin took place in 1890, and Roman Kažimir Schmidt, a native of Varaždin and our first motor plane pilot, became an air ace of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in 1918.

The first initiative for the establishment of the Local Committee of the Aeroclub “Naša krila” was launched in 1928, and was realized in 1930, when the first plane, Klemm-25 with pilot Vid Kršlović, landed in our city. Then the first airport, the popular Vinokovčak in Veliki Prelogi, was modestly arranged. In September, an airshow with “aerial baptisms”, i.e. panoramic flights, was held there, with the participation of three sports and tourist planes.

During the Second World War, the “Croatian Wings” modeling school operated in Varaždin, producing national champions whose results in competitions were not surpassed until the end of 1945. After II. during World War II, the aviation modellers’ association “Atom” and “Aviation Society” operate in Varaždin, and members of the Aeroclub managed to acquire and train their first aircraft – the glider “Salamander” – in 1950. By the mid-1960s, the Aeroclub and Aerocentar received the first Polikarpov PO-2, Aero-2D, Aero-3 motor airplanes and gliders for initial training – Vrabac and Roda – from the Aviation Association.

In 1968, members of the Varaždin Aeroclub found the plot of land in Dravčina and arranged their airport on it, which still exists there today. A hangar and an administrative building with a control tower were soon built on it, and in the 1970s aircraft were intensively acquired. At one point, there were as many as six planes and two gliders in the hangar of the Aeroclub.

In the rich tradition of the Aeroclub, we should definitely mention the 13 international Varteks Cups held – modeler competitions and international sports and tourism events – Aeropicnic. Among others, Čedomil Vertuš, state champion in modelling, Predrag Korenički, state record holder in parachuting, Milica Petrović, multi-awarded parachutist, and motor pilots – Milan Šimek, Mario Husnjak, Zvonimir Žitnjak, Franjo Žganec, Boris Hanžek – stood out in aviation sports. and others, who achieved top positions in numerous competitions. In addition to them, the largest number of medals and awards at State and club competitions in the period from 1985 to 1991 were won by members of the aviation model section.

A large number of motor pilot, paratrooper, modeler and numerous international air shows were held at the Varaždin airport, of which the CIAV is known throughout the world. One of them was held in 1987 on the occasion of the opening of the newly renovated asphalt runway 1,735 meters long.


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Tajnik Aerokluba
Robert Mišak

mob: +385 91 281 7639


Podravska ul. 60,
42000 Varaždin